Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swiss Days Parade

This is our Anytime Fitness crew. We were in the swiss days parade last weekend and the kids had so much fun throwing candy... I know, I know... Anytime Fitness and Candy??? We got that a lot but we wanted to get our kids involved and that's what they wanted to do, besides eating the candy is what brings the people in right...they gotta work it off! The family in this picture is the ones who bought our old business partner Steve out and I am so grateful they did. They are so much fun and we get along so well so the partnership meshes really good.

The Adams'

Best Buds- Tayler and Mya

Tayler and Naomi all decked out in there T-shirts and Running Man Tattoos

Camden at his first parade

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tayler's HOLE-Y mouth

Tayler lost 2 teeth in two days and has 2 more that are loose....the toothfairy is going to go broke on this kid. These fell out the day before picture day at school and she was so excited. Tayler told me that this is how she smiled for the picture so it oughta be good. I can't believe how fast she is big first grader that talks as though she is in high school already, boy do we have our hands full but we sure do love our miss Tayler!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today I am reflecting on how blessed I am! I had a scary experience happen and am feeling so lucky it wasn't worse then it was. Naomi wanted to watch a movie a couple days ago and I told her that if she helped me put her laundry away that she could watch whatever movie she wanted. I was in the Living Room seperating piles of stuff she could put away. First she put shorts and skirts in the bottom drawer of her dresser and then I handed her some socks and panties for Tayler's top drawer. I don't know how many times I have told her not to step in that bottom drawer because the dresser could tip over. We had this big Turtle tank on top of there dresser.... "had"! I all of the sudden heard this CRASH and I knew that it wasn't good. I run in there and the tank is in a billion pieces, clothes everywhere. Naomi's hair is dripping from all the water...I asked her if she was ok and of course at this point she is only screaming, I pulled the dresser back up and looked over at Naomi and the only thing I could see was BLOOD splattered all of the wall and onto the carpet. I grab her and put her in the bath and stripped down all her clothes so I could find out where she was bleeding only to find that it was just her finger. She split it pretty good, not enough to need stitches but plenty of blood. I don't know how she did not get crushed by the dresser and the tank, for her to be standing in that drawer and having it come over...I have no idea how she got so lucky!
So besides a HUGE mess and $75 worth of carpet cleaning I am feeling so blessed my little girl came out of that ok. I didn't even take a picture because I think I was in shock, I wish I would of because Rodger didn't even see it. As for our turtles, they are still alive and kicking. I found one under a drawer and the other under a rock and they are both fine....I don't know how that happened either.
I am truly blessed and grateful for my husband and kids and for the ability to face everyday challenges knowing that I have my savior by my side!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I can't believe our little guy is almost 4 months already, he is growing so fast. Right now he is smiling all the time, almost rolling over (so close) and he likes to make noises with his lips and cheeks. We were looking at pictures of our girls when they were this age and all of our babies look the exact's crazy! I will have to post pictures of the kids all at this age next time. Camden has so much personality already and I'm excited to see what he will do next. We Love "BABY CAMDEN" !


We skipped out on the fair last year because neither of us wanted to go, Tayler was UPSET so we heard about it for a year, so we knew we couldn't miss out on it this year. The girls had a blast! They got there faces painted, snow cones, etc. It's so fun to see smiles on our girls faces....Pure Enjoyment!!!

Tayler's first day of 1st Grade

I can't believe Tayler is in 1st grade....she looks so grown up! Now that she is gone all day long I am trying to figure out how to keep Naomi busy on the days she doesn't have school, the poor girl lost her friend. Tayler was really excited and has already made some new friends. I worried about her where as we moved into our new house and started her in a new school away from all of her friends, but she is adjusting really well. We are so proud of her and love her so much. Good Job Tayler!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I just did 6 posts in one morning, I am feeling pretty proud of myself and I am all caught up. The posts are out of order but there all on there and that's all that matters. Now hopefully I don't wait another 3 months before I post again!!!

Our 3 beautiful, healthy kids!!!

These pictures were taken a while ago and I never posted them....these are only a few of my favorites but my friend Natasha did an awesome job as usual!!!

Naomi's 4

I can't belive she is 4, she has grown so fast. I have got these posts all jumbled up. I have waited so long to update that I have got my newer stuff toward the bottom...Oh well, as long as there on here somewhere. Naomi got all sorts of fun toys and a piniata. My dad's birthday is the day after her's so we celebrated them together. Such a cute, fun you Nomers!!!

Camden's blessing

We have recen'ty moved into a new house so we didn't bless Camden until he was 2 1/2 months old. We debated whether to bless him in our old ward but figured we may as well do it in our new one. Rodger's family came from Washington and honestly this was a day I don't think I will ever forget.
During sacrament Camden was screaming so I left during the opening prayer thinking that they will do the blessing after the sacrament was blessed and passed so I had plenty of time to take him out and feed him. I was in the Mother's lounge when my friend Lyndsey came in and said they were looking for the baby. How Humiliating!!!! I walk in and of course everyone is looking at me which I hate and I was so nervous that I couldn't write down the blessing. The weird thing is, is that I had a dream the night before that we had slept in and missed the blessing which if you think about it almost happened, so that was eventful.
After the blessing we came back to our house and had a luncheon with my family and Rodger's. My little sister has epilepsy and has started blacking out a lot and just falling to the ground. She had gotten a ride with my brother and his wife and was walking to the door when they heard a SMACK on the concrete...Mindy had fallen flat on her face and was gushing blood everywhere. The cement was looked like a gory movie and we had no idea where the blood was coming from so we grabbed wet towels and started cleaning her face to find out that she had only split open her chin...boy was she lucky. Mindy had to get 13 stiches and broke a couple of teeth but was very lucky it wasn't worse. Anyway, that pretty much sums up the blessing day...we are so grateful Camden has joined our family and that my sister is ok!!!


My dad has been battling Cancer for the past 5 months and is down to about 150 lbs and lost his hair. This has been really hard to grasp and it is hard watching him go through this. While I was in Washington he had a test done that tells him whether the Cemo has been working or not. I have been on pins and needles about it because he had told Rodger one day that if the Cemo wasn't working he was basically going to give up and let it kill him , I think he told him so he wouldn't have to tell this whole process has been very emotionally draining. I was out school shopping in Washington with all Rodger's sister and my mother-in-law when I got his call telling me the Cancer was gone. I couldn't believe it and I was so happy that I started bawling in the middle of the store.

I love my Dad and I am so glad he's going to be around for a while!

Washington Trip

I didn't take very many pictures of this trip because we spent most of it being sick. After being there 2 days we were getting ready to eat dinner at our friends new house and she was due to have a baby any day and Naomi threw up all over there carpet upstairs about 4 times so after cleaning that up we went home and about 6 ours later it hit Tayler, then 6 hours later it hit me and 8 hours later it hit was awful and it makes it worse not being home. I think it might have been food poisning because 12 hours later we were all fine... or so we thought. Thursday was a good day, we were all feeling good, went school shopping etc, then we had this camp trip planned for friday at a really pretty spot by the lake and we got canoo's, we ate dinner and put the kids to bed. I went back to check on the kids and Naomi had thrown up again all over her sleeping bag, in her hair, jammies were soaked but she was sleeping in it. Never cried for me, nothing at all which was weird so we woke her up and cleaned it up the best we could when it's pitch black outside and your in the wilderness. That morning she was completely fine so after we get back from camping we had dinner planned with some friends and left the kids home with Grandma and Grandpa, well when we get back Tayler had thrown up and was feeling sick....WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! We were leaving the next morning for our 14 hour drive back to Utah so we were just praying that our kids were going to be better for the trip. The next morning they were fine so we headed home and they weren't sick at all, Thank goodness! I am so confused because we were the only ones getting sick so I could only come up with food poison bacause Camden didn't get sick at all, but we were eating the same stuff his family was eating so I am at a loss...maybe we are more sensitive, I don't know. Anyways, it was good to see the family but it is definately I trip I would hope we never repeated again ....Oh ya, I almost forgot that we had also hauled our huge trailer with our 2 4-wheelers on it to go riding at the dunes while we were there and for some reason they weren't working right so we never got to ride them. Oh well, what do you do!

Naomi's first day of Pre-School

Naomi's first day was on August 8th and she was so excited, she looks so grown up in this pictures. Her teacher is the same teacher I had when I went to pre-school and she doesn't look like she has aged a bit. Miss Gwen is a spunky cute lady and Naomi loves her!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Camden Dusty Adams
9 lbs. 13 oz. 21.5 inches long

Born May 10th, 2011....He was a BIG Boy, no wonder why I was so worn out, tired, and couldn't sleep. This was one of the toughest pregnancies, but he is an amazing baby. I got induced a week before because my blood platelet level dropped to 103 and they were nervous about it dropping lower so they took him sooner which was good because they said if we would have waited for my due date he would have been up over 10 lbs. They started me at 9:30 am and he arrived at 3:22 pm. I am so glad he is here and healthy and there were no major complications. This pregnancy made me nervous so I feel very relieved and grateful for a healthy baby boy. I will post more pictures and write more later, I just wanted to get him on here really quick and let people know he arrived here safely.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoo, Easter, and Pregnancy Update!

This last month has been very busy that I haven't had a chance to catch up- so here I go..... We decided to take the girls to the zoo one weekend and I had noticed Vegas had one, never had heard anything about but we thought it would be something fun to do as a family. It was the WORST zoo that I had ever been to, we paid $40 to see a bunch of birds flying around. There was a half dead Tiger and Alligator and a few monkeys. I was expecting the Hogle Zoo that had giraffes, elephants, Lions, etc. So if any of you are ever wondering about the Las Vegas Zoo just take my advice and not go, but here is a few pictures!

Tayler had fun, which is the biggest reason we went so that's all that matters!

Easter was like Christmas for my girls...they were on a countdown and couldn't wait for the day to come. I love the holidays. Rodger isn't that excited about all the little in between holidays, but I love them so I made him buck up and do the shopping with me and it was a lot of fun and the girls had a blast. We left a note for the Easter bunny that let him know to hide our eggs at Grandma's house so later that day we went there and had an easter egg hunt.

PREGNANCY UPDATE.....I had my appointment yesterday and the doctor has been checking my blood platelet levels and my blood count my entire pregnancy and it has been a rollercoaster the entire time so they checked it yesterday and my count went from 168 to 121 to 103 and they get nervous if it drops below 100 so they decided to induce me on the 10th so they could hopefully avoid it dropping to much lower so 6 days from today we are havin a baby and I'm so excited. I am definately ready to meet this little guy...all of us are. The girls have been pretty good about waiting but is so excited to meet there new little brother. I would post a picture but I had Tayler take it and it looks a little scary. My friend Tasha just took some cute pictures yesterday so when I get those back I will post them.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rodger's 30th Birthday Bash!!!

I took no pictures of Rodger's Birthday bash and I have no clue why but it was a blast and wanted to share anyways!
Tuesday night Rodger gets home from work to find parchute guys hanging from the ceiling, my mom there to pick up the girls for the night and our bags pack. I surprised him with Skydiving for his big 30th birthday in Vegas, we went with a couple of our friends and spent the night there in the Orleans hotel which they gave us upgraded rooms that were huge and so nice, had dinner at the Cheesecake factory and relaxed with no was wonderful!!! The guys left at 7 am to jump and Sara and I didn't go because they had to catch a shuttle and drive 40 min. to the spot so we just stayed in our rooms and relaxed. I was kind of a nervous wreck watching Rodger leave because I was realizing I'm 8 months pregnant and just sent my husband to jump out of a plane. I thought I was crazy but he had a blast. The guy that he was strapped to was a military guy who swore throughout his whole video, it was hilarious, I tried to download some of his video and it didn't work. After the guys jumped we went and had breakfast and just headed home to relieve our babysitters. That night I had set up for all our friends to have dinner, cake and ice cream at our house. It was a lot of fun , he kept teasing that the only reason I sent him skydiving is because we had just upgraded our life insurance policy and he was worth more dead then alive. It was a good day, I just wish I would have been better about taking pictures!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sudden Passing of Grandma Brown

This is one amazing lady! This picture was taken a couple years ago and it was the only one I have with the two of us. I found out 3 weeks ago that my Grandma (mom's mom) was very sick, she hated seeing a doctor but when she got really bad my mom and her sister's took her in for some tests. They found that she had breast cancer two days later, so I went and saw her on a Thursday and she was able to talk to me and my girls, she understood and knew who we were. By Saturday she had no idea who anyone was and couldn't communicate and then a couple hours later she was gone, just like that. So from the time I found out she was sick to the time she died it was literally just days. I was very grateful that I went and saw her when I did and give her a hug and let her know I love her. It's sad to let anyone go but I was glad she didn't have to suffer long. We were all planning to celebrate her 90th birthday on April 5th with the entire family so it was tough to celebrate her life instead. I was so blessed to have her in my life and I love and miss her very much!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbye Grandpa Bob!

The beginning of January Rodger's Grandpa died, it was all the sudden and unexpected. They lived in Kettle Falls Washington so I only saw him a few times but enough to know he was a great guy. The stories that were told at the funeral were amazing about the life he lead and the great example he was. Rodger's Grandma has been in a nursing home for awhile and doesn't remember a whole lot....who anyone is, where she is at, or the fact that her husband had just died. It was a really draining 3 day trip and the flight there and back were miserable but we wouldn't have missed it. I really miss Washinton, we have so many family and friends, nieces and nephews, cousins, etc. The girls had so much fun and didn't want to come home. Rodger and I are both defenitely blessed with great families! After the funeral we went to visit his Grandma and sung her the songs that we sang at the funeral!

Grandma Lois at the nursing home...such a cute lady!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tayler is 6

I can't believe Tayler is 6, where did the time go...she looks so grown up. Tayler could hardly wait for this day to get here, she begged me back in October to hand out invitations for her birthday party so if you could imagine then until the end of January was a very long wait. I was so close a few times just having her party so we didn't have to hear about it everyday but she is to smart...I couldn't pull that off. We got her a scooter for her Birthday and she LOVES it, our entire neighborhood has one of these so she just didn't fit in riding her bike (she would tell me) Now I can't keep her inside which is good because the weather here right now is awesome!

Tayler of course woke up at around 7 a.m which is not like her at all. Anyone that knows this little girl knows that she usually sleeps until around 10 because she hates the mornings...she was so excited she could hardly stand herself

PRESENTS...she made a haul on gifts, I think she got enough for 3 birthdays!

There were so many little girls in my house, Tayler just wanted a princess party with girls only...she didn't even want her dad there. Later she told him that he could come as the prince as long as I dressed up in my wedding dress and was the Queen. Ya...I'm 6 months pregnant...not going to happen. Even if I wasn't it was definately more fun watching all these little girls dress up and have fun. Naomi isn't in any of these pictures because she woke up this day and started throwing up and had diarea, it was so sad. I sent her to Grandma's house and had to Clorox my whole house before kids showed up. Naomi really wanted to be there and she would have had so much fun. Now that Tayler is 6 I am officially feeling old...especially when I think of being married for 8 years, Naomi is almost 4 and our 3rd one is one the way. Crazy Feeling! I love being a mom and my girls are amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Happy Birthday Tayler!

Friday, January 14, 2011

IT'S A BOY!!!!

We found out on the 21st of December that we are expecting a little boy to join our family on the 18th of May. Rodger and the girls kept telling me that it was a boy but after having 2 girls in a row I wasn't going to get too excited. I am still in shock and I find myself getting anxiety once in a while because I don't know the first thing about having a boy but I am excited for the challenge!
As for the pregnancy it has been really challenging compared to both my girls. The day I found out it was a boy they also told my I have placenta previa. The doctor seemed to think I will grow out of it so we are praying for the best. I also have really bad circulation in both my legs so I asked my doctor about it and they ran tests and they came back saying the bad circulation was coming from my heart and could be life threatening which scared me to death...I was in a state of panic and frustration and scared for our baby in hopes that he was ok. So I was sent to a Cardiologist who did more tests and they came back good, thank goodness. Then I was taken to the ER because there was a lump on the back of my right knee that was swollen and red and very painful so I was worried of a blood clot. I have phlembitous which is a clot in the superficial veins which has lead me to a lot of time on the couch elevating my if any of you know some good movies, send them my way. I feel like my list goes on, but I am staying really positive about it so I can get myself through these next 4 months without going crazy.
Despite everything we are sooo excited to be having another one and can't wait to meet him!!!


I skipped Thanksgiving and went right to Christmas because our experience with Thanksgiving was pretty miserable. We tried to go to Washington and hit a huge blizzard getting us trapped in a town that had nothing and had to stay overnight and then the next morning our truck was so frozen we couldn't even start it for 4 hours...then the weather continued to be bad and was going to stay that was so we drove the 6 hours back home to have Thanksgiving with my mom bless her heart. We were all pretty disappointed.

Anyways, Christmas was so much fun, we had my sister and her husband and daughter come here and we had a blast, seeing all three girls wake up that morning was so fun. I remember being that way when I was little but as a parent I just sat back and watched there excitment grow as they continued to open more presents. There is something really special about watching your kids smile that makes the day all worth it. The girls really wanted baby turtles for Christmas so Rodger and I set them up...they are really smelly and dirty but it's better then a dog or a cat for our place and they love them. I forgot to even get a picture of them...that's wierd. Anyways then we got them these digital camera's that are water and brake proof which they love so between those two and all the fun toys in between the girls came out pretty good!