Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tayler's Pre-school Graduation

I can't believe Tayler is finished with pre-school and on to Kindergarten. Everyone always says to enjoy your kids when they are young because in a blink of an eye they will be gone and out of your house. It always made me laugh because I picture them being this age forever, but if it goes as fast as it has gone then I am in trouble. Tayler is only going to Kindergarten but it is hard to believe that we are in that stage already. It is going to be a long summer because she asks me everyday how many days until she can go and I have to tell her around 90, which she doesn't know exactly how long that is but she just knows the number is a high one so maybe she'll stop asking me everyday. On the day of her graduation they had a bounce house and a "magic" carpet that sat in the front that the siblings could sit on. Naomi wants to go to school so bad so she felt pretty proud that she was able to sit up there with the big kids. Tayler got a CD with pictures on it throughout the year a pillow case with all the kids hands on it, her certificate that showed how she wrote her name the day she started compared to the way she wrote it when she finished and then every month Mrs. Leavitt would trace her hand and ask a question and it was funny to hear the things she would say....(example) "Why do the leaves fall on the ground? because we do this ( wiggle, wiggle, wiggle) I just laughed....Rodger and I are very proud parents of our girls, it is amazing to see the new things they accomplish and how they interperet things. Tayler is going to be a giant sponge in Kindergarten and completely soak everything in, she loves to learn. I always pictured myself crying her first day of Kindergarten, but seeing how excited she is to be there only makes me excited for her to go.
I meant to post this on my last one but I forgot. My mom took our girls the night before Mother's Day because we had gone to Vegas and her boyfriend had done this for me for Mother's Day. Tayler's hand is on the left and Naomi's is on the right. This took him a couple of hours to do but he did an amazing job and I would have to say he won some points with me this day. I loved it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love my Mom!!!

Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom ever! I love this day especially having kids of my own now. I don't think you truly appreciate your Mother until you have kids of your own, being a mom is really tough some days. I look back and realize my mom was my rock all growing up. My dad wasn't around much when I was younger and he quit going to church when I was Tayler's age so for years she got all 5 kids up, got them dressed and took us to church. That is a lot of work but she was always so passionate about the gospel and wanted it to be a part of our lives and for that I am truly grateful because I don't know where I would be without it. I don't know how she got through the stuff she did when I was younger, but out of all of her good traits I would hope I could have her STRENGTH. In times of trial she has always been there, and she loves loves loves being a Grandma and she is amazing my kids love there Grandma Roo (LaRue). Your the greatest Mom....I love you so much!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love Birthdays....

It is awesome to have great family and friends. The 6th was my Birthday and that morning Rodger got up and made me breakfast which was so good, he made pistachio choclate chunk muffins with strawberry jam in the middle. They sound wierd but they were amazing, and it took him about an hour because he made them from scratch. I was very impressed and the girls had fun helping. That night he got home from work and picked me up and a bunch of our friends met us at the park and Rodger brought pizza, cake, and ice cream and had a party. It was so fun to get together with everyone. When everyone has kids it is so hard to get together. Rodger got me a 3 month membership to Zumba (love it!!!) I don't know if any of you have tried Zumba, but if you love to dance it is perfect for you and you get a workout while doing it so you hit two birds with one stone. Sara and her husband gave me a trip to Vegas, dinner for two @ P.F Changs (awesome restaurant) and two supercross tickets with the man of my choice. I wonder who that would be. My best friend Lisa (miss her) gave me a certificate for a pedicure which I will be using today before we go to Vegas. I'm really excited to go play today and my mom is taking the girls overnight....Happy Mother's Day to me. Rodger and I are making her dinner and me and the girls made her something special. I love my mom, she is the greatest!!!