Thursday, June 24, 2010

Naomi's 3

I am very behind on this considering she has been 3 now for almost a month, but better late then never. Naomi's Birthday was so much fun because we had my entire family down so we got to celebrate it all together and all the kids got to do a pinata and they loved it. I can't believe she is three...that went so fast and she is talking so much, nonstop! Lucky for me she hasn't figured out how to open a door which seems weird at 3 years old but it's nice because she is so rambunctious and crazy that she would be flying out the front door any chance she got.
We have definately enjoyed her so much and it is so fun to see our girls play and laugh together...not all the time which is expected with siblings but they are fun and we love them so much! It is interesting to look back at the day they were born and replay in your head how the day went leading up to delivery, the excitment and anticipation not knowing what to expect, and I definately wasn't expecting a loud crying child for 3 weeks straight and nothing could please her. I remember wishing I could just give her away and try again because Tayler was such a quiet and sweet little baby and I didn't know how to deal with her sister. Naomi pooped about 12 times a day so GAS was NOT what I expected it to be but once I gave her those drops she was a brand new baby....even though she is still our more loud and abnoxious kid she has the smile, laugh, and personality that makes anybody fall in love with her. Naomi has been such a blessing in our little family and we are so happy to have her with us. Happy Birthday!!!