Friday, April 30, 2010

My Girls!

I love dressing up my girls in the same outfits and taking pictures. I know they will hate it later so I better get in as many pictures as I can, and they have fun doing it so we all win!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camping's about time!

We haven't been camping forever and we have been so excited to go, so last weekend we decided last minute to throw our stuff in the car and head to Zion. It was a beautiful day, perfect for hiking and camping. We hiked the Zion Canyon Overlook trail and camped out. There was no wind at all thank goodness just sunshine and much needed family time. When we reached the top of the Trail, we had packed ourselves a lunch so we ate and took some pictures and started heading down. I am a horrible person when it comes to heights...I didn't used to be that way, I think it is from having kids. The girls had a blast and it is so good to see that your kids are happy and we are spending that time there as a family. After our hike we found the perfect camp site that wasn't by anyone and we were down by the river. We set up our tent, gathered fire wood and then played down by the river. I would have to say, that was the best part of the whole trip because Naomi kept getting her clothes wet so she had me taking them off until she was Naked, and she swam in that water for about 1/2 hour and that water was freezing. Tayler is more like me in that sense where we hate the feel of cold water on our skin so she was definately more cautious around the river, but she still had fun. We made hobo dinners and you can't forget smores (best part) which I think Tayler would say was her favorite part, I think she ate three. I love my family so much! We never get to see or spend much time together, but the time we do get together is the best!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Rodger turned 29 know your getting old when you can't get away with buying just one box of candles anymore. We didn't give him anything to exciting, mostly just stuff he really needed like socks and shorts. You can tell the girls helped me out because they really wanted to wrap his presents with Princess wrapping, and then we made him a 4-Layer cake that was really good. I love my husband so much, he is such a great guy who is always so supportive....he is an amazing Dad with our girls and an excellent husband, I am so blessed. I couldn't ask for more. I love you babe!

Monday, April 12, 2010

They earned it!

I love the look on my girls faces when they get something at the store they worked and saved there money for. Tayler and Naomi have been wanting a kite for a while and the easter bunny forgot about it, so they worked really hard at cleaning there rooms and helping me around the house. When we got up to the counter I'm sure the girl hated me because we paid for each of them in nickels and dimes because that is what they had. I love teaching my girls that if they want something they need to work for it, and it works really well when we look in the toy isle and they are wanting everything....I just say "You need to save your money" and they have no melt downs, no panic attacks, just excitment to save there money for something else they want and then they are more willing to help me around the house. I love my girls!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tayler's many many Questions!

Lately Tayler has been fasinated with babies...has been for a while, but has recently been obsessed. This was our conversation today....

Tayler: "Mom, how do you get pregnant?"

Mom: It happens when you find somebody special you want to marry

Tayler: "How many times do you get married?"

Mom: Only once!

Tayler: So were you pregnant with Naomi and I at the same time


Tayler: Then how did Naomi get here

Mom: Lol....It 's just something special that happens when mommies and daddies spend time together...(Gulp)

Tayler: " Oh....I get it mom (laughing),

Oh ya, after that she asks me about a baby brother and that Camdon is going to be his name.
What a little character. I dread these conversations because she is so curious, and I know you are supposed to tell your child enough without being graphic obviously but how do you explain this? I have ran out of things to say. Hopefully she is done asking me for a while because this conversation wore me out.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I love Easter! My girls get so excited for any holiday which is fun for us, because I love being Santa, Cupid, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy, ect. I'm trying to get Rodger more excited about it because I am always going to love it and will want to go all out while he is more laid back. This year we went to the Vernon Worthen park for the egg hunt, no prizes won just smiles which makes it worth it. Then we rollerbladed down to the park and played football and soccer and played on the playground. That night we colored eggs and went to bed so the Easter bunny could come. The next morning the girls woke up at 7:30 and they were so excited. Tayler got a piggy bank which is what she has wanted so she can save her money and she was so excited. On our way bringing it up to her room so it wouldn't brake she dropped it and it was a sad morning after that, but tomorrow I told her we would check all the stores and try and find the one the easter bunny went to. Naomi has been wanting one of those GIANT chocolate easter bunnies for weeks, everytime we go into wal-mart she points one out. We didn't get it for her go figure but they got a little chocolate bunny, a stuffed pink bunny a game and some bubbles.
In the middle was another basket that was filled with candy and eggs with a CD and a picture of Christ. General Conference was great and it reminds us all the reason we celebrate Easter.