Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Tayler!

Tayler just turned 4 years old and I cannot believe it, Where did the time go. She had a little Birthday party with a few of her friends and had a blast. Rodger and I have been so busy that we have had no time to even let her play with a friend or go to the park so she had so much fun playing with some friends. Every year it gets more fun with kids because they understand a little more about the whole present thing and the excitment of decorating the cake. Tayler was sooooo excited for about three days, I could not get her to talk about anything else, she is pretty proud to say she is a 4 year old!

Tayler for the past two months has been playing doctor with anything she can find so we got her this doctor kit and she has been playing with it non-stop. I found this at Costco from the after Christmas sales for $2.88, and it was probably the best $2.88 I have ever spent.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lil Diva Tutu's

This lady that makes tutu's needed some little girls to advertise them and I know the photographer so she asked me if Tayler and Naomi would be in it. The girls had so much fun and they turned out so cute!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crazy Kids!!!!

This is just a few of the cousins that came down for the funeral, they had all eaten blue candy besides Naomi and then I took them outside to work off there energy.
Rodger put up the basketball hoop and it was set so high the kids could hardly even shoot the ball, but they had fun chasing each other around. Tayler had a blast with cousin Mina because she painted her nails and they put on make-up. She loves playing with Naomi but there was something about doing the more grown up stuff that she just loved. I still can't belive she is almost 4, where did that time go?

Farewell to Grandpa Brown!

My Grandpa died on the 13th of this month and it was a relieve to everyone, he had a stroke about 6 years ago and has not been the same since. He didn't know who hardly anyone was anymore and he has been wanting to die for a long long time. I loved my grandpa but it was hard to be sad on this day when we all knew that this is what he had been waiting for.

Black Eye

Tayler and Rodger were wrestling around and Tayler's eye socket hit Rodger's forehead. It doesn't look that bad in the picture because this was about 3 weeks ago, but if anyone asked her what happened she would tell people that my daddy hit me, which in this day and age if somebody really believed that they would be reporting us to social services. It was fun for a laugh though and she was tough about the whole thing.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was a lot of fun. All of my
family was gone and we couldn't get away from
our busy schedules to go to Washington to visit
Rodger's family so it was just the four of us.
The girls were so much fun this year, Tayler especially
because she was into the whole Santa thing.
Christmas Eve we made a nice dinner, then went to the
Temple to see the lights and listen to the Nativity. It was
rainy and cold so we didn't last to long out there but it
was really pretty. Then we went and looked at the
Christmas lights, there was a really cool house
that you had to turn to a radio station to listen to the
lights dance to the music, it was really neat.
After that we came home and opened jammies and we
read them "The Night Before Christmas." Then we left
Santa a plate of cookies with milk and carrots for his

After we put them to bed Rodger and I put together the Kitchen set that we got the girls and got the presents and stockings all ready. I of course couldn't sleep thatnight because I was so excited. Christmas morning we got up at about 8:30 when Naomi got up and brought the girls downstairs. The look on Tayler's face was priceless, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Naomi however wasn't to happy about the whole present thing because is all she wanted to do was eat.

Rodger pulled a bad one on Christmas morning. Right after we got done opening presents he was opening a doll Tayler had gotten for Christmas. We couldn't find the scissors so he grabbed a knife, he started cutting a zip tie off of the back and as soon as the knife broke it, the knife stabbed him right in between the thumb and pointer finger. He ran into the Kitchen and there was blood everywhere. I wiped it down and it was a huge gaping hole. His whole face went white including his lips and he about fainted. I wrapped it with a towel and grabbed my shoes and keys because I thought I was going to have to take him in to get stitches. After he sat down for a while he felt fine and it ended up not being as bad as it looked, but it was scary. Christmas is the best when you have a story.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Tayler could not wait to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. I could tell as soon as I walked up to him that Naomi did not want anything to do with him, but crying or not I wanted a picture of both of them on Santa's lap. Naomi looks like she will be tramatized from seeing Santa for the rest of her life, but it was a cute picture anyways!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Of course it snows the week before Christmas. I still to this day have never had a white Christmas and I probably never will living in Southern Utah, but to be this close was so frustrating.

My girls loved the snow. Tayler has played in it before but I didn't know if Naomi would like it, she mostly just sat there and ate it. This is the snow man Tayler and I built. It could have been bigger but I got there and realized I forgot the rocks and the carrot for his nose so I used dirt for his eyes and my chapstick for his nose.

We did not last long out there before it was time to come home, my girls do not own any winter gear besides gloves and a beanie. Nexr year hooefully we get our girls into some snowboarding, sleding or something and then we will have a reason to get them some winter clothes.
Being cold did not stop these girls from having fun!