Monday, August 22, 2011


I can't believe our little guy is almost 4 months already, he is growing so fast. Right now he is smiling all the time, almost rolling over (so close) and he likes to make noises with his lips and cheeks. We were looking at pictures of our girls when they were this age and all of our babies look the exact's crazy! I will have to post pictures of the kids all at this age next time. Camden has so much personality already and I'm excited to see what he will do next. We Love "BABY CAMDEN" !


We skipped out on the fair last year because neither of us wanted to go, Tayler was UPSET so we heard about it for a year, so we knew we couldn't miss out on it this year. The girls had a blast! They got there faces painted, snow cones, etc. It's so fun to see smiles on our girls faces....Pure Enjoyment!!!

Tayler's first day of 1st Grade

I can't believe Tayler is in 1st grade....she looks so grown up! Now that she is gone all day long I am trying to figure out how to keep Naomi busy on the days she doesn't have school, the poor girl lost her friend. Tayler was really excited and has already made some new friends. I worried about her where as we moved into our new house and started her in a new school away from all of her friends, but she is adjusting really well. We are so proud of her and love her so much. Good Job Tayler!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I just did 6 posts in one morning, I am feeling pretty proud of myself and I am all caught up. The posts are out of order but there all on there and that's all that matters. Now hopefully I don't wait another 3 months before I post again!!!

Our 3 beautiful, healthy kids!!!

These pictures were taken a while ago and I never posted them....these are only a few of my favorites but my friend Natasha did an awesome job as usual!!!

Naomi's 4

I can't belive she is 4, she has grown so fast. I have got these posts all jumbled up. I have waited so long to update that I have got my newer stuff toward the bottom...Oh well, as long as there on here somewhere. Naomi got all sorts of fun toys and a piniata. My dad's birthday is the day after her's so we celebrated them together. Such a cute, fun you Nomers!!!

Camden's blessing

We have recen'ty moved into a new house so we didn't bless Camden until he was 2 1/2 months old. We debated whether to bless him in our old ward but figured we may as well do it in our new one. Rodger's family came from Washington and honestly this was a day I don't think I will ever forget.
During sacrament Camden was screaming so I left during the opening prayer thinking that they will do the blessing after the sacrament was blessed and passed so I had plenty of time to take him out and feed him. I was in the Mother's lounge when my friend Lyndsey came in and said they were looking for the baby. How Humiliating!!!! I walk in and of course everyone is looking at me which I hate and I was so nervous that I couldn't write down the blessing. The weird thing is, is that I had a dream the night before that we had slept in and missed the blessing which if you think about it almost happened, so that was eventful.
After the blessing we came back to our house and had a luncheon with my family and Rodger's. My little sister has epilepsy and has started blacking out a lot and just falling to the ground. She had gotten a ride with my brother and his wife and was walking to the door when they heard a SMACK on the concrete...Mindy had fallen flat on her face and was gushing blood everywhere. The cement was looked like a gory movie and we had no idea where the blood was coming from so we grabbed wet towels and started cleaning her face to find out that she had only split open her chin...boy was she lucky. Mindy had to get 13 stiches and broke a couple of teeth but was very lucky it wasn't worse. Anyway, that pretty much sums up the blessing day...we are so grateful Camden has joined our family and that my sister is ok!!!


My dad has been battling Cancer for the past 5 months and is down to about 150 lbs and lost his hair. This has been really hard to grasp and it is hard watching him go through this. While I was in Washington he had a test done that tells him whether the Cemo has been working or not. I have been on pins and needles about it because he had told Rodger one day that if the Cemo wasn't working he was basically going to give up and let it kill him , I think he told him so he wouldn't have to tell this whole process has been very emotionally draining. I was out school shopping in Washington with all Rodger's sister and my mother-in-law when I got his call telling me the Cancer was gone. I couldn't believe it and I was so happy that I started bawling in the middle of the store.

I love my Dad and I am so glad he's going to be around for a while!

Washington Trip

I didn't take very many pictures of this trip because we spent most of it being sick. After being there 2 days we were getting ready to eat dinner at our friends new house and she was due to have a baby any day and Naomi threw up all over there carpet upstairs about 4 times so after cleaning that up we went home and about 6 ours later it hit Tayler, then 6 hours later it hit me and 8 hours later it hit was awful and it makes it worse not being home. I think it might have been food poisning because 12 hours later we were all fine... or so we thought. Thursday was a good day, we were all feeling good, went school shopping etc, then we had this camp trip planned for friday at a really pretty spot by the lake and we got canoo's, we ate dinner and put the kids to bed. I went back to check on the kids and Naomi had thrown up again all over her sleeping bag, in her hair, jammies were soaked but she was sleeping in it. Never cried for me, nothing at all which was weird so we woke her up and cleaned it up the best we could when it's pitch black outside and your in the wilderness. That morning she was completely fine so after we get back from camping we had dinner planned with some friends and left the kids home with Grandma and Grandpa, well when we get back Tayler had thrown up and was feeling sick....WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! We were leaving the next morning for our 14 hour drive back to Utah so we were just praying that our kids were going to be better for the trip. The next morning they were fine so we headed home and they weren't sick at all, Thank goodness! I am so confused because we were the only ones getting sick so I could only come up with food poison bacause Camden didn't get sick at all, but we were eating the same stuff his family was eating so I am at a loss...maybe we are more sensitive, I don't know. Anyways, it was good to see the family but it is definately I trip I would hope we never repeated again ....Oh ya, I almost forgot that we had also hauled our huge trailer with our 2 4-wheelers on it to go riding at the dunes while we were there and for some reason they weren't working right so we never got to ride them. Oh well, what do you do!

Naomi's first day of Pre-School

Naomi's first day was on August 8th and she was so excited, she looks so grown up in this pictures. Her teacher is the same teacher I had when I went to pre-school and she doesn't look like she has aged a bit. Miss Gwen is a spunky cute lady and Naomi loves her!