Monday, December 1, 2008


We tried to get family pictures done when we went up to Centeral where my dad lives. When we got there it was windy and then we didn't quite pick the best time to take pictures because the sun would randomly get us in the face and then of course to get two little one to cooperate and smile at the same time is always a chore. This picture will do for now but I hope to get another one before the season ends.


I could not get Naomi to look at the camera in this one, she is tough
Naomi only wants to do things if she wants to do them. Right now we are trying to get her off of that bottle and boy, it has been a struggle.

Tayler's picture would have been cute if the wind wasn't blowing in her face. She loves getting her picture done so she usually cooperates pretty good.

The Beast of a Turkey

Amy and I got up at 7 a.m to tame this beast. This thing weighs 25 lbs and we were having a heck of a time getting it in the oven, and then after all that we over cooked it. If any of you have seen Christmas Vacation you will know what this reminds you of. The overcooked turkey that you go to cut and it pops open hollow with a puff of steam. It luckily had a lot of meat on the bottom, enough to have leftovers for a week, it was disappointing but good for a laugh.


Thanksgiving was really nice this year, we had most of my family come to st. george but my brother Jason was not able to come. The picture of the girls from the left you got my sister Amy, Mom, Me, my sister Mindy and my sister in law Jesika. It's typical having a picture with the girls in the kitchen and the guys parking it on the couch watching football. From the left with the guys you have my Dad, Billy ( Mindy's fiance ) my brother Chris, Hubby, and my brother in law Brian and then you got Tayler's face popping in at the last minute.

We had really hoped to get out and do something with everyone but it rained for two days so on Saturday we went up to Centeral where my Dad lives and hiked around and took family pictures, and then that night we went to dinner at my moms and made christmas rings that count down the days until christmas. we figured this would be a fun activity for the three year olds but they were more interested in taking scissors and chopping up lots of paper into itty bitty pieces which, I don't blame them.