Friday, October 16, 2009

Car Accident

I didn't get a good picture of the damage on my car as it was being towed away, from this picture nothing even looks wrong with my car, but I was in an accident on Tuesday the 13th that was not my fault. I had just taken a right at a light and was going straight and my left lane was stopped but the light ahead was green so I was just going through as I should be when this car darted out in front of me leaving me no time to do anything but hit my brakes. The left lane was signaling this kid to take a left not knowing what my lane was doing and I hit him putting a hole in my fender, the grill thing on the front broken, a dent on the passanger side, my head light was completely popped out, damage to the hood, and of course plenty of scratches. His car however you could not even tell it was hit...he was driving a 96 ford mustang, it was a young kid and as soon as he got out of the car he started to fan his face and started to cry. I had both my girls in the car and they didn't even know what happened and didn't understand why I was stopped so long. I felt fine when I left the accident and my car drove fine, but as soon as I got home I got dizzy and nauseous and my neck and back were hurting...I went to the Chiropractor and it wasn't anything serious which I didn't think it was because it wasn't a severe accident. The next morning my car wouldn't start so they had to tow it away...I had my phone on me and took this picture but I didn't take any of the car when I got home... Accidents happen and nobody was hurt thank goodness, but they are not fun!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tayler Earned It!!!

Tayler saw this Ariel barbie doll in the store about a month and a half ago and wanted it so bad....she has this long laundry list of toys that she has to have. I told her if she saved her money that she could come back and buy it, so we went home and made her a chart for chores....She had to clean her room and make her bed everyday and on the 5th day she got a dollar and then we made a quarter, nickle, dime, and penny chart with bonus spots of 50 cents so when I asked her to do something for me or help me out with something she got to put the coin or coins in her piggy bank. Tayler has worked really hard for six weeks and saved enough money for her doll. We get to the store and of course she wants everything in sight and has $10.64 to work with so when she saw this repunzel doll she decided that that is what she wanted and it was $10, so we took it up to the counter and she pulled out her little purse and it came to $10.63 so she had just enough money with a penny to spare....I was so proud of her, she has worked really hard and it paid off and there is something about seeing your kid so happy that makes your day!!!