Monday, September 8, 2008

Swimming with the Girls!!

We went swimming over at my friend Lisa's house. If you give Tayler a tube, she will float around the water forever and she loves it. Naomi however, does okay for a little bit and then she wants to get out and eat. She is quite the eater. She will eat anything and everything, which has been nice because Tayler was such a picky eater. For the most part, my girls love the water!! It has definately been different having two. I think If Naomi was my first kid, I probably wouldn't have had anymore kids. Tayler is so soft spoken and sweet and Naomi is so loud and abnoxious. I love her to death, but she has kept me on my toes.


We went camping!! Ever since we have started the gym we have not been able to go anywhere. We only drove about 40 minutes from our house, we had a lot of fun and the girls loved it.Tayler loved staying up and roasting marshmellows on the fire and hiking and sleeping in one big bed with Rodger and I. Naomi slept clear through the night which was a huge relief and slept until about 8:30 the next morning so she was in a pretty good mood.
This is Labor Day weekend and we went with some friends just overnight. I didn't get there until about 9:00 at night because I had to work but we stayed up late (of course ) and went hiking the next day, Tayler was so excited to go hiking until she learned that she was walking and Naomi was in the pack, she also came home with a hole in her shoe from getting to close to the fire. It was a good break for us with all the crap that is going on with the gym. We Needed It!!!