Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swiss Days Parade

This is our Anytime Fitness crew. We were in the swiss days parade last weekend and the kids had so much fun throwing candy... I know, I know... Anytime Fitness and Candy??? We got that a lot but we wanted to get our kids involved and that's what they wanted to do, besides eating the candy is what brings the people in right...they gotta work it off! The family in this picture is the ones who bought our old business partner Steve out and I am so grateful they did. They are so much fun and we get along so well so the partnership meshes really good.

The Adams'

Best Buds- Tayler and Mya

Tayler and Naomi all decked out in there T-shirts and Running Man Tattoos

Camden at his first parade

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tayler's HOLE-Y mouth

Tayler lost 2 teeth in two days and has 2 more that are loose....the toothfairy is going to go broke on this kid. These fell out the day before picture day at school and she was so excited. Tayler told me that this is how she smiled for the picture so it oughta be good. I can't believe how fast she is big first grader that talks as though she is in high school already, boy do we have our hands full but we sure do love our miss Tayler!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today I am reflecting on how blessed I am! I had a scary experience happen and am feeling so lucky it wasn't worse then it was. Naomi wanted to watch a movie a couple days ago and I told her that if she helped me put her laundry away that she could watch whatever movie she wanted. I was in the Living Room seperating piles of stuff she could put away. First she put shorts and skirts in the bottom drawer of her dresser and then I handed her some socks and panties for Tayler's top drawer. I don't know how many times I have told her not to step in that bottom drawer because the dresser could tip over. We had this big Turtle tank on top of there dresser.... "had"! I all of the sudden heard this CRASH and I knew that it wasn't good. I run in there and the tank is in a billion pieces, clothes everywhere. Naomi's hair is dripping from all the water...I asked her if she was ok and of course at this point she is only screaming, I pulled the dresser back up and looked over at Naomi and the only thing I could see was BLOOD splattered all of the wall and onto the carpet. I grab her and put her in the bath and stripped down all her clothes so I could find out where she was bleeding only to find that it was just her finger. She split it pretty good, not enough to need stitches but plenty of blood. I don't know how she did not get crushed by the dresser and the tank, for her to be standing in that drawer and having it come over...I have no idea how she got so lucky!
So besides a HUGE mess and $75 worth of carpet cleaning I am feeling so blessed my little girl came out of that ok. I didn't even take a picture because I think I was in shock, I wish I would of because Rodger didn't even see it. As for our turtles, they are still alive and kicking. I found one under a drawer and the other under a rock and they are both fine....I don't know how that happened either.
I am truly blessed and grateful for my husband and kids and for the ability to face everyday challenges knowing that I have my savior by my side!