Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone...we had a blast and now it is time to get geared up and ready for the new year.
Christmas Eve was really low key we spent most of the day just relaxing because we already had Santa's cookies made and the presents were all wrapped and from staying up until 5:30 a.m making sure everything was going to work so we didn't have to worry about it Christmas Eve, we were pretty exhausted....well Rodger and I were. Tayler and Naomi were both bouncing beans all day long full of excitment for Santa to come. We went to our friends house and went hot tubbing and had pizza and then we came home and opened up Christmas Jammies and was going to look at Christmas lights but Tayler wanted to get to bed so Santa could come which worked out really good because we were able to get ChAdd Imageristmas all set up before mid-night.Tayler's teacher from school gave her a magic Santa key that had a poem attached to it saying "No Chimney, No Problem" it was his magic key that we hung on the outside of our door so santa could get in and then we had reindeer dust which was gold glitter that you put in the palm of your hand and threw it in the air so the reindeer would know they haven't been to our house yet, Tayler thought it was the greatest thing. I LOVE CHRISTMAS....I could not sleep that night because I was so excited for the girls to see what Santa had brought them. Tayler has been needing a new bike because she already out grew her little one so we were going to fix up Tayler's old bike for Naomi by repainting it and getting new decals for it, new tires and then when I got to the store and started pricing things out it would have costed around $45 and a brand new bike was $38 so we skipped fixing up the old one and got the girls each a bike with some shelves and bins for all there toys. They were so EXCITED! After we had our Christmas we went to my mom's house to have Christmas with her and we took the girls bikes so they could ride them around and not 5 minutes later Naomi wrecked and landed flat on her face and got a fat lip, we felt so bad, but she is tough. After this we had a third Christmas with my Dad and his wife....our girls got so spoiled and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. We had a great Christmas and are excited to see what the new year will bring.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Update!!!

Now that Christmas is about here, I felt like I should finally update my blog since it has been awhile. Thanksgiving was great this year...all my family went to Arizona this year and Rodger and I couldn't go because Costco wouldn't let me get work off so it ended up being just my little family, we had a blast!!! One of the members of our gym has a condo in Brian Head Resort and offered it to us so as soon as I got off work the night before Thanksgiving we drove an hour and spent the night there. Our room had a great view of the snow and the mountains and it was so pretty. We woke up and made breakfast and played in the snow, and then there was an indoor pool and jacuzzi hot tub that we played in for about an hour. Then we went back out and played in the snow once we dried off and we found a hill for Rodger to snowboard and I was his shuttle. I was going to go but the snow wasn't the greatest and I hadn't been snowboarding in 3 years so I was a little nervous to do it, but Rodger had fun and the girls and I video taped it and watch him crash a couple of times. Then we thought we would go back and make out Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of Ribs, potatoes with gravy and corn, but instead of doing that we thought we would just go make the mess at our house instead so we cleaned up the room and drove home and made our dinner about 6 p.m. It was definately a different Thanksgiving and it would have been nice to see family but we had a lot of fun. My camera died so the only pictures I got from it are on my new phone and I haven't figured out how to get the pictures off of it yet.
Recently I have quit my job at Costco which has been such a blessing. Rodger and I got to the point that we were always working and our girls didn't get to see us all together, it was either time with me..switch...then to the sitter...switch...then time with there Dad and so on and so on...I couldn't take it anymore, it was really hard to watch our kids cry when we left and have them constantly saying they don't want me to work anymore. So, Rodger and I decided that Costco was out of the picture...I have only been done there for three days and I couldn't feel better about our decision, and I love being a is my calling in life, and I'm done leaving it to someone else. Anyways, what better time to quit then right before Christmas. I am so excited this year and Tayler is stoked.

We went and saw santa the other day and Naomi loved him which was surprising because as you can see the year before she was scared to death of him. I love CHRISTMAS!!!