Monday, January 18, 2010

Vegas/Phoenix Trip!

We arrived in Vegas Thursday night and picked up my friend Sara's friends from Idaho Falls from the airport. Rodger and I didn't know any of them but we got along with them very well. Friday we ate some breakfast and split up with the guys and us girls went shopping and to the "M" spa and got a massage and a facial which was much needed. We spent 5 hours there because they had a hot tub with showers and stuff to get ready. We had tickets to the Blue man group which was a good show but not a great show for $100, then we ate dinner. Saturday morning we rented Harley's and headed to Phoenix (5 hours away) to go see the Supercross, which was fun but I wouldn't recommend the distance in January. We stopped at Hoover Dam and got to see the new bridge they are in the process of building which was really cool to see. We got there an hour late but we still got to see most of it. I love watching that kind of stuff as long as it's not Nascar, by the time that Supercross was over and we got some dinner it was 12:30 and our friends flight left the next day at 5:15 so we just went to bed and had to get up at 6 a.m and hit the road again and we were so TIRED!!! When we made it back to our hotel the girls jumped in the hot tub while the guys took the bikes back. It was so nice ( as much as I love my girls) having a vacation without them, and we had so much fun....Now back to the grind!!