Friday, February 10, 2012


Christmas came and went so fast...we had my sister Amy come with her husband and daughter and we went to Tuachan for the Nativity and rides and as usual it was so pretty out there. Christmas Eve we did our tradition of opening up Jammies for the kids. This year they got jammies that had matching jammies for there babies, so that was fun. Also we started the tradition of Elf on the Shelf and our girls LOVED it, so much fun. I wish I knew about it a few years ago. Tayler got roller blades, Naomi got a scooter, and Camden got a car that converted into a walker. We really wanted to get the kids a trampoline but we could not get our act together this year. We didn't even start shopping for our kids until 3 days before Christmas. The gym has been so busy that Rodger didn't have any time and of course I couldn't go with my kids so it got really difficult. My brother and his family also surprised us from Arizona and showed up which was exciting because they had just had there 4th kid and nobody had seen her yet so in the corner of the picture is my new little niece cute. We had a good Christmas this year, lots of fun!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Pictures

I LOVE my Family...I am one LUCKY Girl!!!!


Everytime we have a kid I take a billion pictures of them because everyday is a new, fun and exciting day...I LOVE IT! Here is just a few of my favorite...Such a cute Boy!


Thanksgiving this year was really kind of sad...I miss having BIG Thanksgivings with tons of family. This year my brother and his wife and two kids came which was always lots of fun and then we had my mom and her boyfriend and our family. It's hard for my family to all get together because we are so spread out, it makes me wish we lived in Washington with Rodgers family sometimes. That and Holidays always bring out the drama in my family when my parents are bringing there boyfriend or girlfriend...Oh well, what do you do! I did take pictures with my phone but haven't figured out how to rotate them yet.


Rodger and I went to a Halloween Party this year. Our costumes weren't exactly in sinc with each other but it worked. Everyone thought that patch on the back was a tattoo but it's supposed to be his hairy plumber crack...Yuck!

Our little cute!

Our butterfly, Lion, and witch