Sunday, November 1, 2009


This was the day before Halloween...Rodger and I have been so busy this week that we didn't even get to carve our pumpkins until Friday. We didn't have any special kits so we just carved some faces out. Tayler took hers to Preschool on Tuesday and they decorated theirs with stickers and pins. This night was one of the first nights in a long time that just the four of us got together. I made Chinese for dinner and we went and bought a pumpkin cheescake. Yum! Yum! The girls had a blast.
Naomi was so proud of her pumpkin...She wanted to bring it to bed with her. Every time I put it outside she would go out there and bring it back into the house.

Here are our fairy princesses...Tayler had the purple one to begin with but Naomi loved it and it actually fit her better so I went to Big Lots and found Tayler's for $9, all the costumes were 30% off. I waited until Wednesday to buy costumes because I knew they would want to wear them everyday and I didn't want them to get ruined.
This is our wards Trunk-or-Treat....Rodger and I are on the activities commity so we were in charge of getting all the hot dogs, buns, etc. All my decorations fell down by the time I got this picture. Tayler loved being the one to sit up there and pass out the candy, she is such a good little helper. I can't believe Halloween has already come and gone....I love the holiday's seeing how excited my girls get about everything. After here we went Trick-or-Treating in Hurricane down this really neat neighborhood, they went all out on the scary stuff and decorations. Both my girls are scared of everything so they didn't go to quite a few of the houses but they still had fun.