Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween and trip to AZ!

This year for Halloween the girls wanted to be fairies....go figure! They love being fairies, but that's okay because they are two of the cutest fairies ever! Naomi wanted to be Tinkerbell for about 3 months and my friend already had this cutest dress so that made things easy but Tayler was on the hunt for the perfect fairy dress, she had about 3 she was trying to decide and picked this one and it turned out so cute. We were in charge of the wards trunk or treat so we had a hot dog dinner and the girls love trick or treating whether it's a house or a car. Then, the next night we carved our pumpkins which turned into a 4 hour process because we used the patterns which took forever and Tayler insisted she carved her own and that took forever....I'm just glad she didn't take off a finger. The next night we went to Hurricane to see my mom and dad and go to a neighborhood that is always completely decorated with lights and all sorts of fun stuff. Naomi was not enjoying it much this year because she was so scared of everything and this guy jumped out at her and scared her with a mask....who scares a 3 year old like that! We still had fun but I'm glad it's over because I love the fall and am ready for the fun holidays!

My mom was going to Arizona to help my brother and his wife because they were expecting a baby, and Rodger has been so busy that I hardly even see him anymore so I decided to hop in the car with my girls and go on a road trip. Both of my brothers live there so it was really good to see them and my nieces and nephews and welcome new baby Jayda into the world. The girls had so much fun being around tons of friends and entertainment and of course a new baby....I knew it couldn't go wrong. We painted pumpkins and went swimming, had a halloween party and decorated cookies, met a new baby girl and Tayler lost her first tooth. My sister-in-law is very artsy and creative so she helped me type up a letter from the toothfairy, leave rhinestones, and of course a dollar bill...she was so excited. Since then she has 3 more loose teeth so I need to act fast on my fall family pictures before my little girl is toothless. Anyway, the trip was a blast and the girls had tons of fun.