Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mindy's Wedding!

My little sister Mindy got married on Saturday the 25th and it was a really good wedding and ceremony. She has epilepsy so she blacks out and has seizures quite often so we were all a little on edge through the whole ceremony hoping she would just atleast make it through that without any problems and she did so good. Mindy has been through a lot so she deserved to have her wedding day perfect and it was. Tayler was one of the flower girls and Rodger and I were also part of the wedding party.
This is my whole side of the family with there spouses and kids!
My sisters Amy and Mindy!

It's weird when you look at the three of us and think how much we hated each other growing up, but now that we have grown up, we have moved on from being siblings to friends and it is so crazy to think that we would ever look at each other as friends...Anytime I see Tayler and Naomi fight, I always think about how someday they will realize how much they love each other. Families are the greatest!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dancing Girls!

4th of July

For the fourth we went to our friends house for dinner and then went to the Sun Bowl down by Vernon Worthen park for fireworks. Tayler and Naomi loved them, I thought Naomi would be nervous about them but she got pretty excited. There was a dog down there that I think she was a little more excited about, she wouldn't leave it alone...The guy was really nice about her being around his dog but after she went back multiple times he got up and left. I felt bad but it was nice not to have to chase her down and bring her back. Tayler, Naomi and our friends little girl Sadie were dancing to the music and having so much fun. I'm glad I got the video to work, I have never downloaded a video before.

Camping in Kolob

I told myself I wasn't going to post the same picture on here as I did on Facebook, but seeing as how I am so behind on here, I really needed to update.
We were planning on going to Kennewick Washington for the 4th of July weekend but got so caught up in the gym that we couldn't get away so we decided to go Camping which is something we have not done forever. We camped out in Kolob right next to the lake so it was so pretty, right after we set up our tent it rained like crazy for about 20 min. and then quit. We were meeting some friends there so when they showed up the sun was out, there was a rainbow and it was so pretty. Then, they got there tents set up and it started raining again. It was coming down so hard that it didn't look like it was going to stop. We just sat in our tent hoping for it to pass and then our tent started leaking and our blankets were getting wet. I told Rodger that I was ready to go because the last thing I wanted to do was freeze in 30 degree weather with wet stuff, but he was determined it was going to pass and he didn't want to leave. By then our friends packed up and left because it was still raining and Rodger wanted to hold out for 10 more minutes, so we did. Right then, the rain quite and the moon and stars came out and it was such a pretty night. He was even lucky enough to get a fire going so we could roast marshmellows and make dinner. The girls slept clear through the night, we all slept really warm and it was a beautiful day the next morning that we were able to go for a hike and feed the ducks. Rodger really had to fight to keep me there but I was glad he did because our family really needed an opportunity to do something fun together since our trip to Washington fell through.
Our friends little girl Avery with Tayler and Naomi eating there yogurt!
This was the how pretty it was right before we got hit with all that rain!