Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tayler sleeping!!

I had to post this picture!!! I put Tayler to bed the other night and wanted to check on her one last time before going to sleep and this is what I found, she had fallen asleep in her doll house. Every night we put her to bed she stays up and plays with her doll house, so I expected to find her on the floor or possibly in her bed, but obviously she found a more suitable spot for herself and I thought it was so funny. I had to take this picture before moving her to her bed.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Rodger!

Today is Rodger's Birthday the big 28. We just had cake and ice cream at my moms house, but today we are going out to dinner and then I got him supercross tickets on the 25th in Salt Lake, he is going to be so excited. SHHH, don't tell!

Girls Easter Dresses

These are the girls in there Easter dresses, they looked so cute. I love matching my girls, it's so fun. This was Easter Sunday at my mom's house, this day was a busy day. We woke up and went to my Dad's in Central which is about 30 minutes from our house and had breakfast and had an Easter egg hunt, then we went home and had church at 1:00. Tayler had the scripture in Primary so I helped her with it and she did so good. We worked with her on it before church and she almost had he whole thing memorized before we got there, I was so proud of her. After church we went to my mom's in Hurricane which is 30 minutes the other direction and had dinner and a Birthday party for Rodger. His birthday is today but since we were all there on Sunday, we celebrated it then. We had a lot of fun and Holidays with kids are so much fun.


Easter Egg hunting at the Hurricane Ball Fields, we go here every year!

We colored Easter Eggs at my mom's house and the girls did an egg with there name on it and Naomi wouldn't hold hers up to see so Rodger was holding it for her.
This was Easter morning before the girls came downstairs
Tayler and Naomi all smiles! (Love these girls)
Hunting for more Easter eggs at my dad's house in Central Utah!

Doll House

For Easter I fixed up my old doll house from when I was a kid for Tayler. This house isn't anything glamorous but it was mine and I loved it when I was Tayler's age. This was the before and after pictures. I decided to do this about 4 days before Easter so I didn't have enough time to do all the things Iwanted to it. This has been in storage the past ten years so it needed a lot of work. I wanted to get curtains and more furniture, but I ran out of time so it will be something Tayler and I can do together.
This used to have a bed, kitchen table and more chairs but who knows where they ended up. The furniture was white along with the house and had old wallpaper that was from the 80's but it was all chipping away so I repainted everthing. My mom works at Carpets plus so she got me a bunch of free carpet. I wanted to put pink carpet in there to match the curtains in Tayler's room, but my mom only had one little square. The top carpet is the old stuff that was in there before, she didn't have one long enough to fit this section so that is something I will eventually change too.
Tayler loved it and I had a lot of fun fixing it up for her!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Red Cliffs

Rodger's sister Brooke and family came to visit us in St. George so on Saturdy we took them hiking. The last time they were here was when Rodger and I got married, and nobody had time to go and see anything so while they were here we took them to the Black Hills which overlooks all of St. George, the Dinosaur tracks, Red Cliffs and the Temple to the visitors center. We had six kids under the age of six all at my house which sounds hectic but the kids played so good together the whole time. I didn't even hardly see my girls that entire time they were here. It was so good to see some of Rodger's family because with the Gym and life itself we have not been able to make it up to Washington.