Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We just got back from Washington....I guess it has already been a week now and it was so good to finally see our family and friends again. Rodger and I are just so caught up in St. George and it's everyday craziness that it was so nice to get away. We went there because Rodger's brother Greg was going on a mission so we went to his farewell and setting apart, and then we actually drop him off at the MTC on our way home to St. George. Luckily we were also fortunate enough to be there to see our new baby nephew the night before we left. All of our Neices and Nephews but the two baby's eating dinner. This group of kids were so busy and entertained the entire week. They all played really good together.

Rodger and Nathan helped the kids build a fort in the backyard
My girls and I out at Grandma Fae's house
We last visited in August and since then my girls begged me daily to take them horseback riding at Grandma Fae's....they were so excited to finally get the chance after so many months of waiting.
Russell Adam Thornock born the night before we left at home as planned, healthy, happy, and adorable!
This was our seating arrangment on the way to Provo to take Greg to the MTC. I sat in between my girls car seats for 11 hours. It took us that long because it was during the day and with little kids it's impossible not to take forever. This day was honestly the longest day I have ever experienced but I got some good playing time, song singing, and book reading in with my girls.
Elder Greg Adams is called to serve in the Tempe Arizona mission. I don't know if any of you have been to the MTC lately or knew what it was like before but we literally pulled up to a curb and the had us pop our trunk, they unloaded his luggage and took off with him. We had to run him down to get one last picture and a hug. We were only there about 3 minutes tops...it was crazy. Before they invited all the family for a devotional, talks, music and a last good-bye with hugs and tears. They have done away with that now which I guess makes it easier on the missionaries and families.
Rodger and all of his boys from High School...

Lucky for me all of there wives are the greatest and a lot of fun....Chadd's wife Tami is not in here, I think she stepped out and we missed her. Earlier this day I had lunch with some good friends from when we lived here before. Jenilynn, Kimberly, and Lacey and I was kicking myself that I didn't get any pictures taken with them. This whole week was a lot of fun and all these people make me want to move back there so bad. Good Times....and hopefully we will see everyone sooner then every 8-9 months.