Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My sweet little girls!

I always try really hard to take my own pictures so I can avoid the cost of getting them done and of course you can never get both of them to smile there cute smiles at the same time. The single shots of them worked the best but I was really shooting for a good picture of the both of them. This one was probably the best of the two of them which is cute, but Naomi has the cutest smile when she shows those teeth....Anyways, I had fun editing them and adding new features and yet again I posted these both on facebook and on here but I love pictures, I really think it would be fun to take a photography class and really learn how to capture the right photo. I also would love to become a nutritionist which would be another fun class to take. Why I decided that these things would be good to do now when life if so crazy busy and I have two kids.....I don't know, but It's never to late to start Right!?
These were the other ones I took that I just had fun with!!

Rodger and I are are truly blessed to have such sweet little girls. Tayler and Naomi are really great kids, not to say that they are never bad ...every kid has there good and bad days, but for the most part I consider myself very lucky!