Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rodger's 30th Birthday Bash!!!

I took no pictures of Rodger's Birthday bash and I have no clue why but it was a blast and wanted to share anyways!
Tuesday night Rodger gets home from work to find parchute guys hanging from the ceiling, my mom there to pick up the girls for the night and our bags pack. I surprised him with Skydiving for his big 30th birthday in Vegas, we went with a couple of our friends and spent the night there in the Orleans hotel which they gave us upgraded rooms that were huge and so nice, had dinner at the Cheesecake factory and relaxed with no was wonderful!!! The guys left at 7 am to jump and Sara and I didn't go because they had to catch a shuttle and drive 40 min. to the spot so we just stayed in our rooms and relaxed. I was kind of a nervous wreck watching Rodger leave because I was realizing I'm 8 months pregnant and just sent my husband to jump out of a plane. I thought I was crazy but he had a blast. The guy that he was strapped to was a military guy who swore throughout his whole video, it was hilarious, I tried to download some of his video and it didn't work. After the guys jumped we went and had breakfast and just headed home to relieve our babysitters. That night I had set up for all our friends to have dinner, cake and ice cream at our house. It was a lot of fun , he kept teasing that the only reason I sent him skydiving is because we had just upgraded our life insurance policy and he was worth more dead then alive. It was a good day, I just wish I would have been better about taking pictures!!!