Friday, January 14, 2011

IT'S A BOY!!!!

We found out on the 21st of December that we are expecting a little boy to join our family on the 18th of May. Rodger and the girls kept telling me that it was a boy but after having 2 girls in a row I wasn't going to get too excited. I am still in shock and I find myself getting anxiety once in a while because I don't know the first thing about having a boy but I am excited for the challenge!
As for the pregnancy it has been really challenging compared to both my girls. The day I found out it was a boy they also told my I have placenta previa. The doctor seemed to think I will grow out of it so we are praying for the best. I also have really bad circulation in both my legs so I asked my doctor about it and they ran tests and they came back saying the bad circulation was coming from my heart and could be life threatening which scared me to death...I was in a state of panic and frustration and scared for our baby in hopes that he was ok. So I was sent to a Cardiologist who did more tests and they came back good, thank goodness. Then I was taken to the ER because there was a lump on the back of my right knee that was swollen and red and very painful so I was worried of a blood clot. I have phlembitous which is a clot in the superficial veins which has lead me to a lot of time on the couch elevating my if any of you know some good movies, send them my way. I feel like my list goes on, but I am staying really positive about it so I can get myself through these next 4 months without going crazy.
Despite everything we are sooo excited to be having another one and can't wait to meet him!!!


I skipped Thanksgiving and went right to Christmas because our experience with Thanksgiving was pretty miserable. We tried to go to Washington and hit a huge blizzard getting us trapped in a town that had nothing and had to stay overnight and then the next morning our truck was so frozen we couldn't even start it for 4 hours...then the weather continued to be bad and was going to stay that was so we drove the 6 hours back home to have Thanksgiving with my mom bless her heart. We were all pretty disappointed.

Anyways, Christmas was so much fun, we had my sister and her husband and daughter come here and we had a blast, seeing all three girls wake up that morning was so fun. I remember being that way when I was little but as a parent I just sat back and watched there excitment grow as they continued to open more presents. There is something really special about watching your kids smile that makes the day all worth it. The girls really wanted baby turtles for Christmas so Rodger and I set them up...they are really smelly and dirty but it's better then a dog or a cat for our place and they love them. I forgot to even get a picture of them...that's wierd. Anyways then we got them these digital camera's that are water and brake proof which they love so between those two and all the fun toys in between the girls came out pretty good!