Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swiss Days Parade

This is our Anytime Fitness crew. We were in the swiss days parade last weekend and the kids had so much fun throwing candy... I know, I know... Anytime Fitness and Candy??? We got that a lot but we wanted to get our kids involved and that's what they wanted to do, besides eating the candy is what brings the people in right...they gotta work it off! The family in this picture is the ones who bought our old business partner Steve out and I am so grateful they did. They are so much fun and we get along so well so the partnership meshes really good.

The Adams'

Best Buds- Tayler and Mya

Tayler and Naomi all decked out in there T-shirts and Running Man Tattoos

Camden at his first parade


Tom, Brittany, & Girls said...

Your family is so cute!! And your girls are so grown up.

Jake and Jen said...

Aw your kids are so cute! I bet they had a blast in the parade!